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Experienced Attorney Handling Successions And Probate In Louisiana

Kevin Schoenberger, Attorney at Law, provides the information and help that many individuals, couples and families need regarding transfer of property after death. In Louisiana, this process is known as succession. In other states, it is often referred to as probate.

Kevin Schoenberger, Attorney at Law has been handling succession matters for more than 30 years. Our New Orleans law firm handles:

  • Estate planning for people of all ages
  • Successions after the death of a loved one

Young couples, middle-aged people and elderly citizens of Louisiana are all rightfully concerned about how to pass on property to their families at the end of their life. Everyone who owns real estate or wants to ensure that assets go to family or charities after death needs to think about making a will. Powers of attorney and advance medical directives can alleviate a family at a stressful time.

Contact us for advice and assistance with any of the following:

  • Transfer of ownership of property from a deceased person to his or her heirs after death
  • Sale of a deceased person’s home
  • Legal procedures associated with successions

Whether you live in Louisiana and want to plan for the eventual disposition of your real estate after your own death or live out of state and need help with transfer of property after the death of a family member here, we can help. Kevin Schoenberger, Attorney at Law has the experience and knowledge that our succession clients are looking for. He has handled cases involving:

  • Will contests or potential will contests between family members after a death in the family
  • Judgment, procession and fair distribution of financial assets after a relative’s death

Is Forced Heirship An Issue?

Many people in Louisiana think that forced heirship still applies. In most instances, there is no longer forced heirship. However, in order for your bequests to be enforceable, you should have a will.

Representing Out-Of-State Clients With Legal Concerns In Louisiana

Many of our clients are former Louisiana residents who now live in other states. They contact us because they are concerned that the estates of their parents, or even their grandparents, are not being handled properly. We represent out-of-state clients in these types of succession disputes.

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