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Get Fair Compensation For Your Hurricane Ida Claim

When the final report came out on Hurricane Ida, it confirmed that Louisiana was struck with 150 mile per hour winds, tying it with Hurricane Laura (2020) as the strongest hurricane winds ever to hit Louisiana. In addition to claiming 115 lives, Ida is estimated to have caused $65 billion in damages. And in the aftermath of this devastation and destruction, insurance companies are often failing to pay a fair amount to policyholders. People who have public adjusters are not getting anywhere and/or are not happy with what is going on. If you are in this situation, it is time to give me a call at 504-525-1143.

Time Is Running Out To Contest A Claim

If your Hurricane Ida claim is still open, it’s time to do something. The Louisiana statute of limitations is just around the corner. It will be two years this fall, and if you don’t act now, you will lose out. Several insurance companies have gone bankrupt, leaving thousands of people in dire straits. There is no telling what the future may hold.

Working With Adjusters To Resolve Your Claim

Most of my clients have public adjusters, but the problem is that the adjuster can’t do anything further; all they can do is file suit. I will work with the adjuster to help resolve the case. With an attorney by their side, an adjustor can get the attention of the insurance company. Together, we can get results for you.

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